Difference Between 3G, 4G and 5G technologies

We all are aware that mobile phone is an electronic device which facilitates people to communicate with each other sitting in any remote place in the world. Just like there is a Darwin theory to explain the evolution of human beings, there is a theory to explain the evolution of the mobile phones. It is the difference in the generation and the facilities it offers to the users, which explains this theory exactly. There are 0G, 1G, 2G, 3G, 3.5G, 4G, 4.5G and finally 5G. It is true that we have a strong resemblance to our ancestors. Similarly, newest technology also has a strong resemblance of the old one.

Let us discuss and behold the various similarities and dissimilarities of 3G, 4G and 5G, and look at what came before. 0G is the pre- cellular generation system. It used analogue signals to carry communication from one person to another. Furthermore, one person has to speak when the person on the other side should listen. Think of a radio phone or Walky Talky.

1G is the generation which was introduced during the year 1980. This generation saw the use of wireless communication technology for the first time. This was replaced by the use of 2G technology. 2G allowed the users to send and receive messages (including picture messages and MMS). All the contents of these messages were digitally encrypted. Thanks to those who invented it we could now send and heartfelt messages and pictures to our loved ones.

Talking about 3G, it was invented during the year 1998. Much to everybody’s surprise, it had a revolutionary speed four times that of 2G. Initially, it had a speed of 200 kilobytes. Due to various technological advancements through the years, it went up to 7.2 megabytes. It was deployed in the UK during the year 2004-05. It used IP to enable the users to use the internet on mobile, which has largely repurposed mobile phones as portable internet devices. You can get unlimited data plan with 3 SIM Only deals and take full advantage of 3G or 4G for internet. It also provided a better clarity in video and audio, and facilitated a faster data transmission as well.

4G is the successor of 3G mobile communication and it works at an incredible speed of 100 megabytes when the users happen to travel on trains or cars, and 1 gigabyte per second for those who access these services when stationary. It was introduced for the first time during the year 2007 in South Korea, and introduced in the UK during the year 2012. This technology worked wonders as it allowed its users to download or upload videos, surf the internet and fill your mind with joy listening to music. It is used at present and provides the various facilities and follows the specification set by the International telecommunication Union.

5G is an unimaginable mobile generation which is supposed to be introduced during the year 2020. Only a little has been known about this technology. It is supposed to have a speed of about 6 Gigahertz. Within the UK it is supposed to be available in London, Birmingham and Glasgow initially.